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业务 Administration Degrees, AA, AAS

通过太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站的工商管理课程,培养成为商业专业人士的知识和技能. We offer two degrees to help you reach your career goals.

You can take our two-year Associate of Arts (AA) degree in 业务 Administration in person or online. This degree can transfer to a four-year university, so you can continue your path to earn your bachelor's degree.

或者选择 应用科学副学士(AAS)工商管理学位. 这个为期两年的面对面学位提供四个专业,这样你就可以专注于商业管理的一个领域.

在两个选项中, 您将从我们经验丰富的教师那里学习,并通过基于项目的经验发展实践知识. Take your career to the next level with SJC!

Why Study 业务 Administration?

If you want to prepare yourself for a successful career in business, studying business administration is an excellent choice. 学习许多组织使用的技能和概念,以帮助他们克服障碍和成长. 这意味着你可以找到各种各样的工作机会,因为许多雇主在招聘时都在寻找这些技能. You can find a career in marketing, finance, management, and more.

Which 业务 Administration Degree Should I Choose?

太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站为工商管理课程提供两种学位选择. You should select the one that best fits your career goals.

如果你打算转到四年制学院或大学获得学士学位,选择工商管理AA学位. 学习商业基础知识,参加通识教育课程,为你的高级课程做准备. The AA courses are available on campus and/or online, giving you extra flexibility as you pursue your dream career.

If you're looking to enter the workforce right away, the 业务 Administration AAS degree is the right fit for you. Be ready for entry-level management, front-line supervision, or other positions requiring basic leadership skills. 获得可以直接应用到你的职业生涯中的实用技能和知识.

Why Earn a 业务 Administration AA or AAS at San Juan College?

Gain Real-World Skills for Career Success

在SJC,您将获得优质的教育,帮助您在竞争激烈的就业市场中取得成功. 我们的专业教师教授基本的商业原则,并在课堂内外指导您. You'll also complete hands-on projects to learn practical skills, 比如为小企业创造现实世界的解决方案,帮助他们成长. 然后你可以把你的经验应用到你现在的工作或未来的职业中.

Follow Your Interests

你可以根据你的职业目标来调整你的工商管理学位. 通过工商管理AAS,您可以选择以下四种浓度:

  • Digital Media 市场营销
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General 管理
  • Office 管理

The 业务 Administration AA program does not have concentrations, but you'll have the flexibility to explore different fields. 然后,在你完成学士学位的过程中,你可以专注于你在四年制大学感兴趣的专业.

Enroll in an Affordable 业务 Program

Advance in your career with the help of SJC's low tuition rates. 你将接受一流的教育,为你的职业生涯做好准备,或者在不倾家所有的情况下转学获得学士学位. 你也可能有资格获得免学费的工商管理副学士学位 NM Opportunity and Lottery Scholarships.

What You'll Learn in the 业务 Administration Program

SJC商学院为学习商业概念提供了一个实用的方法. In both degree programs, you'll develop a solid foundation in:

  • 会计
  • 商业法
  • 业务 management
  • Customer service and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • 经济学
  • Human resource management
  • 领导 principles
  • 市场营销


  • 会计 software
  • Computer skills for business
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Decision-making skills
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Interpersonal relation and teamwork skills
  • Project management software
  • Time and self-management skills


工商管理副学士学位可以提升你的领导能力. 学习管理和营销原理,以便转行或获得晋升.

在AA项目中,你将学习九门核心课程作为获得学位的基础. Be ready to develop specific skillsets based on your career goals.

业务 Administration AA Curriculum

工商管理应用科学副学士学位提升你的领导能力. 学习管理、市场营销和创业原则,以便转行或获得晋升.

在AAS项目中,你将学习九门核心课程作为获得学位的基础. 你也可以从四个专业中选择一个来帮助你根据你的职业目标发展特定的技能.

  • General 管理 Concentration: 参加一些教你如何管理企业的课程,从会计到电子表格.
  • Office 管理 Concentration: Study how to keep offices efficient and organized. 修读档案管理、商业数学和办公程序等课程.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration: Explore how to start your own business and make it successful. Learn how to manage small businesses, advertise, and more.
  • Digital Media 市场营销 Concentration: 发现最新的数字营销趋势与这个实用的焦点. Practice using photo and video editing tools.

业务 Administration AAS Curriculum

Transfer Options

工商管理AA级的学生可以直接转学到四年制的大学获得学士学位. SJC's primary transfer partners for this program are:

  • Fort Lewis College
  • New Mexico Highlands University
  • The University of New Mexico

工商管理AAS课程不直接转入四年制学校. 然而,有些学校可能会接受课程作为学士学位的学分.

联系 an academic advisor for more details about how you can transfer. 他们帮助你协调和规划你的课程,以实现顺利的转学过程.

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Pitch Your 业务 Idea

Have a great business idea? 参加鹰坦克商业计划竞赛,与SJC同学一较高下. 如果你赢了,你可以从太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站和路易斯堡学院赢得高达1万美元的奖金!

Careers and Outcomes

工商管理副学士学位可以让你在许多行业从事不同的职业. 对能够理解和应用商业原则的员工总是有需求的. The Bureau of Labor Statistics 预计从2021年到2031年,商业和金融行业的总体就业人数将增长7%.

With your degree, you can start your career in entry-level management positions, front-line supervision, and similar positions. Some fields you can enter include:

  • 会计
  • 业务 ownership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • 管理
  • 市场营销
  • Nonprofit management
  • Restaurant management
  • Retail management
  • Service management

Are you looking for your next career opportunity? 浏览SJC学生职业和就业中心的招聘信息. Check back often as it is updated frequently.

View 业务 Administration Job Listings

“你永远不会因为年龄太大而不能回到学校,一旦你决定了,就不要放弃。. 道路会有坎坷,但我保证,你会挺过来的. 太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站在各个方面帮助我成功地获得了学位."

Tarah Julian, '21


你必须首先申请太阳集团娱乐场登陆网站的文科副学士或应用科学副学士工商管理学位课程. It's easy, and you can apply online at any time!


If you are already a student at San Juan College, 和你的导师谈谈我们的工商管理AA和AAS学位.

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